Daiichi Sankyo Worldwide


Working With Us

For an organization to grow and survive today, a learning team needs to be created. At DSIN, we believe in recruiting top performers who are "life time learners". To create optimum work force at DSIN we look for talented people with balanced aptitude and attitude. We actively encourage our people to continuously develop themselves, both professionally and personally.

With a strong philosophy of 'people first', DSIN recognizes the strength and contribution of employees in company's success and growth. The work culture at DSIN encourages the employees to learn, innovate, experiment and grow. DSIN offers critical and challenging roles in a wide range of areas and responsibilities.

Working with us, you'll find that DSIN is a place where, Innovation, Integrity, Accountability, Communication and Collaboration define the way we work. One of our core beliefs is that our working environment influences our development.

Company Profile

As a global company, we aim to constantly extend our business activities.