Daiichi Sankyo Worldwide


Mission, Vision & Values

Our Mission
To contribute to the enrichment of quality of life around the world through the creation of innovative pharmaceuticals, and through the provision of pharmaceuticals addressing diverse medical needs.
2025 Vision
Global Pharma Innovator with Competitive Advantage in Oncology
- To have Specialty area* business centered on Oncology business as the core business
- To have enriched regional value products** aligned with regional market
- To have innovative products and pipeline changing SOC***
- To realize shareholders' value through highly efficient management
*Specialty area: Drugs mainly prescribed at Hospital and/or by Specialty practitioners
**regional value products: Products aligned with regional market
***SOC: Standard of Care
Core Values and Commitments
In alignment with our mission, we have identified "Core Values and Commitments" as the basis for an attitude of cooperation and proper value judgments and as the criteria for our business activities and decision making. In addition, we have established the DAIICHI SANKYO Group Corporate Conduct Charter* to act with the highest ethical standards and a good social conscience appropriate for a company engaged in a business that affects human lives.

Core Values comprise the following: Innovation, Integrity, and Accountability.

Based on our "Core Values", we have formulated our "Commitments". Each member of DAIICHI SANKYO should look back to the Core Values and Commitments before embarking on a course of action.
Core Values
Innovation ——————— the introduction of new ideas, methods, or invention

Integrity ———————— the quality of being honest and of always having high moral principles

Accountability ————— being responsible for the effects of your actions, and being willing to explain or                                           be criticized for them
1. To create innovative medicines changing SOC*1
*1 SOC (Standard of Care): Universally applied best treatment practice in today's medical science
2. To take a global perspective, and respect regional values.
3. To foster intellectual curiosity and strategic insight
4. To provide the highest quality medical information
5. To provide a stable supply of top-quality pharmaceutical products
6. To be an ethical, trusted, and respectful partner
7. To be accountable for achieving our goals
8. To demonstrate professionalism, respect for others and teamwork

Company Profile

As a global company, we aim to constantly extend our business activities.