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Corporate Social Responsibility

Our business activities that create innovative pharmaceutical products for patients, by themselves are corporate social responsibility. In addition, we have Corporate Social Responsibility policy in place and we fulfill our corporate social responsibility (CSR) by actively responding to an ever-changing society. We fulfill our Corporate Social Responsibility by the following means:
I. Compliance
We are committed to comply with all laws, regulations and guidelines related to ethical, environment, safety & health, biohazard, animal research, etc. with highest level in our R&D activities.

DSIN has Code of Conduct Charter in place and follow the same every day to achieve our goals. We have Anti-Corruption Policy in force and we work in a highly ethical environment.
II. Social Contribution
DSIN wants to improve and continue its relationship with different stakeholders from the perspective of making the contribution to society in philanthropic activities. DSIN has a Social Contribution Policy in place.

In order to facilitate the activities related to Social Contribution, DSIN has tied up with an NGO, Goonj which is channelizing the unused materials such as cloths lying in urban homes to the villages of India. In the past, DSIN has contributed for the devastation due to earthquake, flood, landslide etc.
III. Environment Management
Safeguarding the environment is the bedrock of DSIN's operations. Caring for the environment is one of DSIN's key social responsibilities. Environmental issues are common challenges for mankind and such concerns are integral to our corporate activitiesand our very survival.
IV. Relationship with Stakeholders
We aim to build win-win relationship with stakeholders such as patients, medical professionals, employees, business partners and regional communities.

Company Profile

As a global company, we aim to constantly extend our business activities.